Upcoming Events & Webinars

November 24, 2020 - December 15, 2020 04:00 PM
Join Sr. Terry for four weeks on Tuesday afternoons at 4 PM ET, November 24 through December 15, to reflect and share in virtual small groups on the readings for the coming Sundays of Advent using RENEW's popular Waiting with Joy.
November 24, 2020 - December 15, 2020 07:00 PM
Reflect and share in virtual small groups—in Haitian Creole—on the readings for the coming Sundays of Advent using RENEW's popular book, Waiting with Joy.
Join Dr. Sœurette Fougère for four weeks at 7 PM ET on Tuesday evenings, from November 24 through December 15.
November 29, 2020 - December 21, 2020
RENEW is offering several conveniently scheduled ADVENT faith-sharing opportunities to awaken faith and grow discipleship. All are welcome to join these virtual sessions using our popular book, Waiting with Joy. Focus on the significance of the holy season of Advent; reflect on how to be more open to Jesus’ presence in your life; and deepen your faith with weekly reflections on the Sunday Readings.
December 9, 2020 02:00 PM
As we continue to navigate this pandemic and life afterwards, we know people are hungering for spirituality, community, support, and a sense of renewed purpose. RENEW's new Small Groups 101 is an easy, flexible, online, fully supported, and affordable solution.
Attend this informational webinar and learn how your parish can harness the amazing transformative power of small groups and their Big Impact.
December 16, 2020 02:00 PM
How do we foster a sense of community in our parishes and invite others to become a part of it during this time of social distancing? ARISE Together in Christ/LEVÁNTATE. Unámonos en Cristo is an online RENEW program that will engage your parishioners, creating a community of disciples, and igniting a spirit of evangelization.
Pastors, parish staffs and lay leaders are encouraged to attend this informational webinar which includes time for Q & A.
October 8, 2021 - October 18, 2021
This pilgrimage promises to be a life-changing encounter with the transforming love of God. See the Save-the-Date flyer by clicking below.
Keeping connected with parishioners virtually can be a challenge. RENEW Your Connections brings you short videos from parishes who have found great ways to do just that. They will share ideas and best practices that you can employ to build community and keep connected.
Learn about the ARISE process and how it can help your parish start on the road to becoming a community of evangelizers.
Find out how Be My Witness can transform your parish and form disciples for the New Evangelization.
Explore RENEW's new online sacramental preparation program for parish staffs, parents and godparents, and view recorded webinars featuring practical tips for parishes and families plus insights on why "Baptism Matters."
RENEW knows the incredible power that small groups have to transform parish life and form disciples. View recorded webinars to learn how Small Groups—Big Impact can bring that experience to your parish in a series of easy-to-follow processes that will guide you through establishing your groups and provide resources to keep them vital and strong.