RENEW Theology on Tap

RENEW Theology on Tap is an invitation for young adults to learn more about their faith and to share in the Catholic community, and it should serve as a springboard for other young adult initiatives.

Since its creation in the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1981, this program has proven to be a successful vehicle for reaching young adults interested in learning more about their faith, coming together to share community, and feeling welcomed and valued in the Catholic Church. In 2003, RENEW was entrusted to launch an initiative to bring Theology on Tap nationwide. To achieve that goal, we created an official registration process to license the RENEW Theology on Tap name to ensure quality of programming and provide pastoral support.
Theology on Tap by RENEW International

How Theology on Tap Works

RENEW Theology on Tap is structured around a series of events centering on faith topics of interest to young adults. These events can be held in a restaurant, a parish hall, a coffeehouse, even in a bar—places where young adults already are comfortable and feel welcome. These events feature an engaging speaker presenting a theological topic, time for discussion, faith sharing, and community building.

There are four essential components for the most successful RENEW Theology on Tap program:

• building a strong core community
• invitation
• hospitality
• follow-up

RENEW Theology on Tap offers all the quality resources and tools parishes and dioceses need to run a successful event. All parishes and dioceses involved in the process are required to register to obtain a license. This license allows the use of the RENEW Theology on Tap name, logo, and materials, as well as the pastoring services of the Pastoral Services team. Additionally, your fee will give you access to the website which offers an online resource library and web tools.  Explore the pricing structure HERE.


Program Resources

The Theology on Tap resource library includes the handbook to help you get your program started as well as a wide variety of graphics to aid you in publicizing your events. Whether you are creating your own resources, sending out to a professional printer, or doing web-based promotions, there are appropriate graphics files available.

One of the greatest resources available to you, however, is fellow Theology on Tap leaders. That is why we have created a private Facebook group where you can gather to exchange ideas. Leaders share their experiences about what works, and what doesn’t to help guide you along the way. You can ask questions and get answers from your fellow leaders who have first-hand experience with the Theology on Tap program.

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Theology on Tap by RENEW International


"We have been hosting Theology on Tap since 2003, and it has been a wonderful experience for our young adult audience. We've been able to build community with university students, and college and career aged folks from around the diocese. We have had great content on a wide range of topics from experts, professors, priests and bishops, and no matter how many participants turned out, whether it was 5 or 50, all have been impacted by this important program. We've been hosting for over 15 years, and we look forward to the next 15 and more with RENEW International's Theology on Tap."

Michael MacLean, Campus Minister
St. Thomas More College, Diocese of Saskatoon (Canada)


"TOT has encouraged the Young Adults of our Parish to gather and discuss topics that we are all facing in one way or another in a Godly way. This time together is important to support each other to keep God at the center of our lives!"

Krista Bakkedahl, Young Adult Leadership Team Member
St. Pius X, Billings, MT

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