La justicia brota de la fe
Formación en la fe
y en la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia
La justicia brota de la fe is a formation program for Hispanics about the commitment to social justice based on the intimate connection between faith and love of neighbor. The program promotes the New Evangelization and the spiritual growth of those who desire to deepen the practice of their faith in today’s challenging society as Pope Francis invites us: “Go, without fear, to serve.”

Participants gather weekly in small groups to pray and share their faith. The program consists of two books, with twelve sessions each. These sessions are inspired by biblical passages and Catholic Social Doctrine. Using Spanish adapted to the diversity of Hispanics in the United States, the resources weave together the unique circumstances, stories, and lived
experiences of immigrants, families, youth, and newer generations.
    • Book One explores how our encounter with Christ and his Kingdom of love and justice and the commitment to follow Him, become real in our daily life.
    • Book Two deals with the basic themes of Catholic Social Teaching and shows the connection between them and our daily living and spirituality. Questions, suggestions for prayer, and possible activities are provided to be used between sessions.

Additional resources for parish implementation include a Parish Team Handbook, a Facilitator's Guide for Small Community Leaders, and free downloadable invitational resources and tools.

About the Authors
Jesuit Father Allan Figueroa Deck is a recognized international pastoral leader with long-standing experience in the field of faith formation and social justice.
Dr. Adele González collaborated in the work with her outstanding talents as editor, religious educator, and spiritual guide.

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