RENEW Small Group Provides School Tuition Scholarships

Dolly Donahue, RENEW International Trustee Emerita, sent the message below to RENEW's President & Executive Director, Sr. Terry Rickard, after her small group completed faith sharing with Longing for the Holy. It is a heart-warming illustration of faith moving to action.

I had to tell you about our summer RENEW group which meets on six Monday mornings at my home in Mantoloking, NJ. We are a group of about 12 to 14 women, who gather around the dining table. We are all very different people in many ways, but alike in our desire to become closer in our relationship with the Lord; we include one agnostic (or so she says), one convert, and one born-again evangelical Christian. The sharing is wonderful.

A year ago,we shared on the first six sessions of Longing for the Holy and enjoyed it very much. The second half of the book was even better this year, and when we got to the last three chapters, we were blown away. What spectacular thoughts and beautiful writing!

The most incredible discussions came about, the group jelled beautifully, and we even decided on a plan for action after we dispersed for the winter months. The group has agreed to give scholarship aid to three siblings who attend Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School in Asbury Park, NJ run by Sister Jude Boyce. It all came about so quickly and so easily, I think the Holy Spirit was pushing hard.

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