Looking for a spiritual and pastoral resource to support
your parish restructuring process?

Lenten Longings from RENEW International

Help parishioners better understand and embrace change in the light of faith during a parish merger or restructuring.
New Wine, New Wineskins helps to unify the parish to build a vibrant future .

New Wine, New Wineskins
Each session incorporates prayer, scripture, reflection, and sharing to encourage and support changes in a faith community

New Wine, New Wineskins Virtual CD
22 song selections for the moments of prayer at the opening of each session of New Wine, New Wineskins

Webinars for Lifting Up Our Hearts

FREE Small Community Leader Training Webinar
For small community leaders, this webinar addresses what leaders need to know to facilitate a small group using this resource.

Click here to watch this training

To help make this program a success in your parish, these free parish publicity materials are available to be downloaded and customized for use:


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