Don't just observe Lent. Live it!

Get ready to really experience Lent with this new resource from RENEW International. Written by RENEW's own Sister Terry Rickard ,LIVE LENT! will help you make the most of this season of preparation and spiritual renewal.
Gather weekly in small groups
Get inspired by the Sunday Gospel readings
Explore Old Testament insights
Reflect and pray each day of the week
Take action in everyday life

Other Lenten Resources
Lent invites us to a time of prayer, reflection, and conversion. RENEW International offers a selection of resources that are well suited for seasonal groups, small Christian communities, and individual reflection.

Let Yourself Be —Year A
Participants are called to commit to works of justice and to the ongoing conversion of hearts.

Song suggestions, prayers, and action responses included.
Longing for the Holy
Serves as a primer for Christian spirituality and a guide to the "getting your life together" stage of discipleship to enrich the sense of the presence of God in your life.
Learn more about Lenten LongingsLearn more about Longing for the Holy
Living in the Sacred
Takes participants on a deeper spiritual journey exploring the second stage of discipleship of "giving your life away" and staying true to your commitments as disciples of Christ.
Learn more about Living in the Sacred

¡Especiales en Cuaresma!
El tiempo de Cuaresma nos invita a la oración, reflexión y conversión. Ya sea en tu pequeña comunidad eclesial, con tu familia o individualmente, este recurso pastoral busca, de manera concreta, una vivencia plena y significativa.

Reflexiones en AdvientoEste libro contiene seis sesiones y cada sesión ofrece momentos de oración, reflexión y preguntas para compartir la fe.Sedientos de Dios: una espiritualidad para la gente de hoy
Es un proceso presentado en dos libros de seis sesiones cada uno.

Sedientos nos ayudará a descubrir la presencia de Dios en toda nuestra realidad familiar, de trabajo, Iglesia.
Lea más sobre Reflexiones en CuaresmaLea más sobre Sedientos de Dios: una espiritualidad para la gente de hoy

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