Meet Mary in Prayer

Deepen your appreciation of and devotion to
our Blessed Mother Mary and her role in our lives
and the life of the Church
Advent Awakenings
Mary, the mother of Jesus, has been revered since the earliest days of the Church. Over the centuries, her example has inspired Christians to imitate her by saying “yes” to God’s call in their own lives. Mary’s faithfulness, as it is portrayed in the Gospel narratives, is a model of the prayerful kind of life Jesus calls us to.

Scripture, Catholic teaching, personal testimonies, and Marian prayer—including the rosary—provide a renewed appreciation of Mary’s place in today’s world, where she, as always, points the way to Christ.

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At Prayer with Mary
Seven sessions on the life and mystery of Mary to enrich your prayer life

Available as an eBook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.
Small Group Set
This Small Group Set includes the essential elements to facilitate the faith-sharing process within a small group.

Music CD
Song selections for moments of prayer in the faith-sharing book
Small Christian Community SetPersonal Set
Includes faith-sharing book, music CD, Rosary Beads, and How to Pray the Rosary Brochure
Rosary Stars:
Praying the Gospel DVD
Features celebrities and champions who share their inspirational reflections on how they live and pray the Mysteries
of the Rosary every day.

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Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Edition
Sturdy hardcover binding and a high-quality, fine-grain paper makes theNew Revised Standard Version (NRSV)Bible both handsome and compact, a perfect Bible for church or home.
Praying the Family Rosary
Enhance the experience of praying the Rosary with the scriptural references, artistic images, and meditative prayers, while also strengthening the bonds of your family.

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