Anticipate the Coming Season with

Focus on the significance of this holy season with
Advent Awakenings, a four-session faith-sharing
experience grounded in the Sunday Gospel readings.
Advent Awakenings
Advent is a time to anticipate both our celebration of the birth of Jesus and the day when the risen Jesus will come again.
Real-life vignettes and plain-language reflections stir in you an excitement for what Christians truly await.

The Advent Awakenings series is based on the three-year cycle of the Lectionary. Each book contains four sessions corresponding with the Gospels of the four Sundays of Advent. Each session includes reflections, prayers, action responses,
and song suggestions, plus seasonal devotions that families can use at home to enrich their Advent experience.

Advent Awakenings from RENEW International
Year B: Take the Time
Encourages participants to prepare for Jesus’ coming by setting aside everyday busyness
and become more deeply aware of God’s call.

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Small Christian Community SetSmall Group Set
This Small Group Set includes the essential elements to facilitate the faith-sharing process within a small group.

Music CD
Song selections for moments of prayer in
all three cycles of Advent.
New American Bible Revised Edition
This edition contains a complete list of readings for Sunday Mass and Major Feasts of the Year, as well as a Weekday Lectionary.
FREE Small Community Leader Training Webinar
For small community leaders, this webinar addresses what leaders need to know to facilitate a small group.
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Downloadable Resources for Parishes:
> Customizable flyer
> Customizable poster
> Small community sign up card
> Sample invitational talk
> How to organize "Sign-up Sunday"
> Bulletin announcements
> Prayers of the Faithful

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