Retreats, Workshops, and Gatherings

Leadership Retreat
Who attends? The leaders of the small communities.
What is it? Each semester begins with a leadership retreat/workshop for the leaders of the small communities. The workshop offers skills for group facilitation and addresses topics relevant to lay leadership formation: Scripture, prayer, discernment, and evangelization. Workshops usually last from 2 ½ to 3 hours. Most will either begin or end with an informal meeting of the Core Community to aid them in leading the campus RENEW process on their campus..

Invitational Training
Who attends? Any person who has participated in a small community and has an interest in invitation
What is it? In these workshops, the Campus RENEW Liaison will work with students in implementing the vision of small Christian communities. It will include strategies for liturgical and campus-wide invitation, as well strategies which come from the students themselves. This workshop will also include an evaluation of the previous semesters' invitational efforts.

Monthly Leadership Gatherings
Campus RENEW will provide the training and resources for the campus minister and/or students to lead monthly gatherings of leaders based on the topic of the semester. These gatherings will give leaders an opportunity to hone their facilitation skills, while receiving formation as a lay leader.

Gatherings For All Participants
Campus RENEW will also provide resources for ongoing enrichment of all of the members of the small Christian communities. The core community will be given the tools for developing large gatherings for small group participants which include everything from experiencing different prayer forms to hosting Christian coffee-houses.