Meet the Development Team

  • Running an annual gala involving honorees and hundreds of attendees.
  • Researching funding opportunities, preparing proposals, and writing grant reports.
  • Securing sponsorships and coordinating the efforts of volunteers.
  • Acknowledging every donation and thanking each donor for his or her support.

These are some of the key responsibilities of the RENEW International Development Team. Sr. Honora Nolty, O.P., who has worn many hats at RENEW over the years, is director of the Annual Fund and events. Mary Beth Howath, advancement services coordinator, focuses on project management and administrative support. New to RENEW, Marissa Klapwald is the development director, overseeing and managing all fundraising efforts.

RENEW International is a nonprofit organization and its work is funded in part by donations. Click here to learn more about ways to support RENEW. Call 908-769-5400, ext.104 if you have any questions about our fundraising efforts or are interested in helping RENEW; the Development Team will be happy to assist you.