More about Why Catholic? Pastoral Support

  • Initial Consultation — Meeting with diocesan staff to review the content of Why Catholic? and explain how to bring it to parishes.
  • Information Sessions — An overview of how Why Catholic? responds to an identified need of adults’ desire to connect with their beliefs and renew their identity as Catholics.

Formation workshops by our experienced trainers

  • Launching Why Catholic? Workshop — Practical suggestions for inviting maximum participation in the parish.
  • Small Community Leader Formation
    On-site workshops for leaders with catechetical content and methods for facilitating adult learning.
  • Ongoing Diocesan Support — In-person and phone consultation to guide the process from your RENEW International pastoring contact
  • Online Pastoral Services — Wide array of special web-based tools and resources.

"The Why Catholic? process has offered us all new and unique opportunities to examine what we believe and why we believe it."

-Ken R. St. Brigid

Why Catholic?