What People are Saying

"I cannot begin to tell you what an enriching experience my small group has been.  I come home each Tuesday evening feeling truly blessed to have been able to share Why Catholic? with these special people.  They have become like my family.  Martha and Ed Wagner opened their beautiful home to us for our sharing sessions, and it is truly an inspirational setting.  I pray that everyone's time together has been as warm and friendly as ours."  
- Suzie R., Louisville, Kentucky

“Why Catholic? is great! I may now actually read, and even study, the Catechism rather than occasionally just looking up a topic or two.”
- Louise A., Atlanta, Georgia

"We are following the topic each week and our group comes to each meeting with deeper insights as they think about. talk to others,  and read further resources on each topic.  Our group meetings are thought provoking and we are engaged in the work.  The Why Catholic? experience has offered us a valuable guide on how to be a better Catholic."
-  Jerry & Patty King, Small Community Group Leaders from St. James Parish

"The Why Catholic? process has offered us all  new and unique opportunities to examine what we believe and why we believe it.  The small group settings have encouraged dialogue in a trusted and comfortable setting - with friends all who share the same desire to learn more about what it means to be Catholic and how our faith impacts us in our daily lives.
- Ken R., St. Brigid

"As the facilitator, I am in awe of what the Spirit is doing in and through those gathered.  Our sessions are truly a spiritual experience and wonderful gift for me.   Many of our participants are on walkers, canes, and  in wheelchairs.  Some are challenged visually as well as hearing impaired, but it is so evident that God is doing a mighty work in our midst!
- Sister Mary Ellen Curl, RSM, Spiritual Care Coordinator Mercy Sacred Heart Village