Why Do RENEW Africa?
Father Tony Thouard OFM, Vicar for Evangelization
, Archdiocese of Johannesburg
RENEW Africa resourcesRENEW Africa - Gathered as God’s Family has been welcomed in our Archdiocese as a wonderful response to a request Archbishop Buti put to the Department of Evangelisation last year: that it find a way of providing ongoing faith formation for our people that is parish based.

Archbishop Hurley invited RENEW to South Africa in 1989 to help the Archdiocese of Durban implement the South African Church’s Pastoral Plan: ‘Community Serving Humanity’. Nine Catholic dioceses including Johannesburg undertook the RENEW experience with great success and many Anglican dioceses did the same.

RENEW Africa has grown out of the RENEW experience. Much of its material and themes comes, not just from Africa, but from South Africa. RENEW Africa has already proved its worth in dioceses as far away as Nigeria and at home here in South Africa.

Why RENEW Africa now in Johannesburg Archdiocese ...
  • RENEW Africa uses a process that has worked in over twenty countries around the world and has touched the lives of more than 25 million people. We would not like to be left behind!
  • RENEW Africa promotes prayer, learning, sharing, mutual support and calls all who take part to mission, to evangelisation. Here is a tool we can use to enrich our parishes and our Archdiocese as a whole.
  • RENEW Africa does not replace anything that is already at work in our Archdiocese but it complements and strengthens what is now being done. RA encourages many more to be active in the life and mission of our Church. Much too often we hear that all the work is done by a few. Here we have a process to help many more become involved in the life and ministry of the Church.
  • Those responsible for putting together the themes for RENEW Africa first listened to what people around South Africa were saying. The themes we will discuss in the small groups therefore reflect our concerns, for example healing and self reliance.
  • The most important reason for undertaking RENEW Africa is that it will help us to be evangelised and to evangelise - the very reasons for the existence of the Church and the reason why each one of us was called by name by the Lord at our Baptism!

Sister Terry