Campus RENEW and Campus Ministry:
Partners in Conversion

Small Christian communities answer the needs of college students for community, spirituality, and service. They provide a continuous thread throughout the campus ministry program by transforming one-time activities (retreats, service experiences) into stepping stones on the larger journey of conversion.

What do we mean by this? Many students have experienced a retreat or immersion experience, and then returned to “real” life, where the experience, though positive, is but a memory. Small communities can both feed into and follow up from these experiences—they can follow up service and/or retreats by creating the space to continue to flesh out the experience in light of daily life. They also feed into these experiences, as students who have been a member of a small community are more likely to seek out other campus ministry activities.

Campus RENEW partners with Campus ministry to create opportunities for evangelization and conversion. What is primary in the relationship is collaboration. While campus RENEW appoints a liaison for your campus, this person works with both the campus minister and the student leaders to empower them to take ownership of the process, and to continue creating small communities long after the completion of the five semesters of initial involvement.