Parishes and dioceses can help parishioners grow in knowledge and appreciation of our Catholic faith through special faith formation and spiritual renewal processes based on small community faith sharing.

RENEW has many processes and resources to help you, your parish, and your diocese renew faith and foster vibrant parish communities.
FREE Small Community Leader Training Webinar
For small community leaders, this webinar addresses what leaders need to know to facilitate a small group.
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Why Catholic? gives a solid foundation to deepen your understanding of the teachings of the Church and the confidence reach out to others in faith.
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Available in Spanish: ¿Por qué ser católico?

ARISE Together in Christ is a process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that helps you to develop a closer relationship with Christ, deepen your faith, grow in community, and reach out in service as “Good News” to others.
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Available in Spanish: LEVÁNTATE. Unámonos en Cristo
Based on best-selling author Ronald Rolheiser, OMI's books The Shattered LanternThe Holy Longing, and Sacred Fire, the Spirituality for Everyday Life with Ronald Rolheiser Series explores the phases of discipleship and how to live as Christ's disciples in today's world. Learn more and order.
With the new RENEW Scripture Series, you can now experience each chapter of the Gospel in a deep and meaningful way. Through reflections, Old Testament references, and sharing questions, these unique resources bring the teaching of Jesus to everyday life. Perfect for small groups, for personal reflection, or for homily preparation. Learn more and order.
Learn from the wisdom of RENEW International’s three decades of experience promoting and sustaining small Christian communities. Foster spiritual renewal by empowering individuals and communities to encounter God in everyday life, deepen and share faith, and connect faith to action..Learn more and order.
Through Scripture, prayer, and practical ideas for protecting and caring for the environment and people, Creation at the Crossroads: A Small-Group Resource on Pope Francis’ "On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si')" will move Catholics to faith-based action. Learn more and order.
Explore important themes of work, faith, and life with this new resource based on the writings of Chris Lowney, best-selling author and leadership expert. Learn more and order.
Stay focused on the significance of this season with
Advent Awakenings
, a four-session faith-sharing experience grounded in the Sunday gospel readings.
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Available in Spanish: Reflexiones en Adviento
Don't just observe Lent, live it! Get ready to really experience Lent with this new resource from RENEW International. Written by RENEW's own Sister Terry Rickard, Live Lent! will help you make the most of this season of preparation and spiritual renewal. Learn more and order.
Explore the Sunday readings of Lent with Lenten Longings, a six week retreat that prompts you to surrender self, work for justice, and deepen your prayer life. Learn more and order.

Available in Spanish: Reflexiones en Cuaresma
Examine Mary’s faithfulness as a model of the prayerful kind of life Jesus calls us to. Renew your appreciation of and devotion to Mary, model of the Church, with At Prayer with Mary. Learn more and order.

Our Spanish Marian resource: No temas, María
Being called daily to serve others can leave little opportunity for reflection and renewal. Renewing the Priestly Heart, written for priests by a priest, offers insights and questions designed to prompt and guide these authentic discussions.
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