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Scenes from a Parish Film Faith-Sharing Guide

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Four sessions for faith sharing on Scenes from a Parish

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Scenes from a Parish Film Faith-Sharing Guide provides step-by-step instructions for building faith-sharing sessions using the Scenes from a Parish, intertwining what is seen on screen with Scripture passages, reflections, and sharing questions. All sessions conclude with suggestions for social action based on the sharing.

The Guide offers a total of four faith-sharing sessions:

Theme 1:
What do we “see”?
Faith sharing based on viewing the complete film, with reflection suggestions and sharing questions that invite comparison with the Gospel episode of the man born blind (John 9).
Theme 2: CompassionAn invitation to explore the what, the how, but above all, the why of Christian compassion. The session launches the sharing with the dramatic episode of the last judgment (Matthew 25), and an initial video clip exploring “Slipping compassion.”
There is then a choice of:
Theme 2A:
“I was a stranger …”
This presents the fundamental Christian question of “Who is my neighbor?” illustrated by three video clips highlighting contrasting situations.
Theme 2B:
“I was hungry …”
Constructed around three video clips from the film, plus a clip from the “Q and A” session at Boston College that show hunger is very real in our communities today—but so too are the potential solutions!
Theme 3:
Babel … or Pentecost?
How are parishes today to be a unified communities, when they are made up of people from such diverse cultures? The challenges—and blessings—of cultural diversity are raised by five video clips from the film, plus a clip from the “Q and A” session at Boston College.

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