What Students are Saying

"Campus RENEW has become such a central part of my college life that I find it difficult to imagine life with out RENEW.  The connections I have made with fellow students, as well as my faith, have not only made me stronger in my faith, but also helped me transition to life on campus.  I love Campus RENEW!"

"We are happy to report that our Campus RENEW group is working out beautifully. The student's enthusiasm for Campus RENEW is unbelievable. A lot of the freshmen have come up to us and said, 'Hey, I knew what the priest was talking about today during the Gospel and homily because of Campus RENEW " It’s great. Let’s keep up the good work!"

"We are having great success with our Campus RENEW group. We continue to gain new members. Everyone interacts really well and I know that even if everyone is not yet participating, they will be soon. I love how well this is working out and we are really pleased with the response from all the Campus RENEW groups. This is so awesome!"

"Here’s an update on our Campus RENEW group. So far it has been really successful. Each week our number has grown and we haven’t had anyone drop after coming. The call to action has been pretty important for us—our group talks a lot about accountability to each other, which is a great start to community-building. We’ve also been talking about group service and fellowship outside of the Campus RENEW hour and our group has some pretty great ideas!"