People are saying even more about Why Catholic?

Why Catholic? in the News
“I want my kids to believe and Why Catholic? is deepening my faith and teaching me how to pray. It is helping my faith seed out into my children.”
- Amy M., Toronto, Ohio

“The sign of the cross has always been a gesture of habit… Since I started Why Catholic? I stop and reflect on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
- Veronica M., Flemington, New Jersey

“Before Why Catholic? I shied away from religious questions. Now, by learning more about the richness and traditions of my Catholic faith, I share faith more confidently.”
- David M., Prattville, Alabama

"If other groups are like ours, then they too are having a phenomenal and uplifting experience. 
Our group connects so well and we are taking turns serving in the leader/facilitator role. We are learning so much about what it means to be Catholic as we discuss each week's topic as well as sharing our past and present experiences. Being an old time Catholic this experience brings tears to my eyes."
-  Doris F., Louisville, Kentucky

“Why Catholic? has raised the level of conversation in my parish. Knowing why we are Catholic affects daily life.”
- Bob Z., Cincinnati, Ohio

“Why Catholic? helped strengthen my marriage. We use this as our tool to reconnect. Even if we don’t have time to talk, we take time to pray together. That’s a powerful tool.”
- Greg N., Daphne, Alabama
“The most rewarding thing was this—we had a person in our group who had not been very involved in the Church. She was a product of Catholic schooling, but she had not been to confession in 33 years. After our discussions, she decided to go to our Penance Service. I feel Why Catholic? was definitely a new beginning for her.”
- Jacque B., Peachtree City, Georgia

"Why Catholic? has given us opportunities to meet members of our Parish in a comfortable home setting and develop new friendships.  The group sharing of our faith helps us to see things from different perspectives and from different life experiences. By reading the Why Catholic? books and sharing our experiences, we become more aware of our need for life-long learning and sharing of our faith. One Monday evening our group shared “God moments” that they experienced . . . when we went to Mass that next weekend Fr. Wayne talked about “God moments”.  That was truly a “God moment."
- Debbie S., Louisville, Kentucky

“Why Catholic? has reminded me of my roots and why I am Catholic. My mother always said being Catholic is more than a religion—it’s a way of life.”
- Kimberly D., Atlanta, Georgia