RENEW Africa Overview
RENEW Africa: Gathered as God’s Family is a totally new RENEW process based in Africa, created by Africans and responding to the needs and issues of the church of Africa. From the young artist who created the RENEW Africa logo to the program writers, this program is rooted and grounded in the African soil. With RENEW Africa small Christian communities, both existing and newly founded, will meet year round to reflect on the upcoming Sunday readings, except for two intensive periods of six weeks. During these six week periods (October/November and Lent) they will use newly created thematic materials which respond to the African reality today. Both the lectionary based and thematic materials are provided in all of the languages of the diocese: Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English.

The themes for the five six-week intensive Seasons are:
  • Meet Christ Today
  • Healing the Body of Christ
  • We Are Church!
  • Sharing the Good News
  • The Church in Africa Today: In Service to Justice, Peace and Reconciliation (focus of the African Synod 2012)
In the RENEW tradition, the lay leaders who implement RENEW Africa, the small community leaders and others will receive on going training and support for the duration of the program as well as assistance to plan the future support and growth of SCCs. Our services are enhanced by the local presence of an African Dominican Sister who assists with training and who provides ongoing consultation and support between the trainings.

Click to view our RENEW Africa brochure in PDF format.