Small Christian communities move us toward a spirituality of mission. Gathering in small Christian communities aids us in reflection which prompts us to take action on that which we have experienced. This is enhanced by resources which highlight "action steps" as the final portion of the reflection experience, including two entire series of justice-based and service-based materials. Campus RENEW views reflection in small communities as a vehicle which enables us to become the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

This commitment to mission has been validated by independent research. The CARA report, in a study of members of RENEW groups, reported that over 85% of members of small Christian communities reflected that this time together had increased their participation in outreach activities and in the overall life of the Church. Together Campus RENEW and Campus Ministry hope to create communities of students who recognize the call of Jesus to view service as a way of life. These communities create leaders with a mature faith and social consciousness to guide the Catholic Church both today and in the future.