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ARISE for Youth, Season 5
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Bringing youth "Together in Christ"
with the Youth Edition of ARISE Together in Christ

The price for the set includes
— a set of ten booklets for Season Five
around the central theme "New Heart, New Spirit"
— plus one copy of the ARISE Youth Edition Leader Handbook

a friendly, easy way to explore important faith themes
faith-sharing materials designed specifically for youth
opportunity for growth in faith
connects faith to life, and life to faith
incorporates youth in parish renewal
same basic themes and Scripture texts as those presented in the ARISE Together in Christ adult and children's materials

The six sessions of Season Five are:
"Come and See"
Sowing Seeds
Go and make Disciples
The Spirit at Work
Many the Gifts
We Are the Good News!

Each session is presented in a separate booklet and offers a Scripture-based theme
moments of prayer
life-based reflection
Scripture-based reflection
questions to prompt and encourage personal sharing
suggestions for action, which spring from the sharing

Price is per set. Each set includes:
— 10 booklets of Season Five (i.e., enough for 10 participants)
— plus one copy of the ARISE Youth Leader's Guide

Supplementary copies of the ARISE Youth Leader's Guide are available separately.
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