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Encountering Christ Today; Season One: English Edition
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Encountering Christ Today
Faith-Sharing Book for Season One
of ARISE Together in Christ

This resource for Season One provides six faith-sharing sessions on the theme of "Encountering Christ Today."

The first session reflects on what it means to seek an encounter with Christ through faith sharing.
Over the next four sessions we are invited to encounter Christ as portrayed by the evangelists: Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John.
Our guide for the concluding session is Paul, whose Damascus encounter with Christ changed his life.

Other Editions:
French: Rencontrer le Christ aujourd’hui
Spanish: El encuentro con Cristo hoy
: Gặp Gỡ Đức Kyt Hm Nay
Haitian Creole
: Rankontre Jezi Kri jodiya
Burmese: Encountering Christ Today
Portuguese: O encontro com Cristo hoje