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Sowing Seeds
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en espa˝ol: Sembradores de semillas
en franšais: Semons le bon grain

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Sowing Seeds: Essentials for Small Community Leaders offers a comprehensive collection of pastoral insights and practical suggestions to help small community leaders guide their groups in a way that nourishes spiritual growth.

Culled from RENEW International’s over three decades of experience in pioneering and promoting small Christian communities, this book overflows with simple but effective ideas and strategies that will enhance the way these groups reflect on and respond to the gospel.

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What people are saying about Sowing Seeds:
"The experiential knowledge contained in this guidebook is but so many seeds the authors sow in the waiting soil of leaders’ hearts. I am confident that leaders and potential leaders of small Christian communities will find in this resource book the confidence, reassurance, skill and inspiration they seek to serve their small community and the Church lovingly, wisely and well."
—Catherine T. Nerney, SSJ, PhD.
Associate Professor of Theology and Spirituality, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA
President, National Association Small Christian Communities Connection

"New and experienced leaders, members of parish core communities, and pastoral staffs will find Sowing Seeds not only an inspirational guide, but also a practical reference they will read again and again. It overflows with tips and techniques for facilitating and leading small Christian communities. Thank you, RENEW, for distilling your years of experience into an excellent resource."
—Mary Ann Jeselson
Co-editor of Great Ideas from Great Parishes: A Parish Handbook and The People’s Prayerbook: Personal and Group Prayers