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Lenten Longings from RENEW International

Lent invites us to a time of prayer, reflection, and conversion. Based on the three-year cycle of the Lectionary, each book contains six sessions corresponding to the six weeks of Lent. Song suggestions, prayers, and action responses included.

Lenten Longings offers a selection of resources that are well suited for seasonal groups, small Christian communities, and individual reflection.

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Faith-Sharing Book
Let Yourself Be ...—Year A encourages participants to embrace the teaching of Christ that authentic loving involves self-surrender.

Available as an eBook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.

Small Group Set
This Small Group Set includes the essential elements to facilitate the faith-sharing process within a small group.
Music CD
These eighteen selections help establish the prayerful atmosphere for effective faith sharing.

Free downloadable resources for parishes
(compatible with Acrobat 6 and higher)
> Customizable flyer
> Customizable poster
> Small community sign-up card
> Sample bulletin announcements
> How to organize a "Sign-Up Sunday"
> Sample invitational talk

FREE Small Community Leader Training Webinar
For small community leaders who will facilitate Lenten Longings, this webinar addresses what leaders need to know to facilitate a small group using this resource.

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Prayer Bookmark
Colorful two-sided card with a special Lenten prayer.
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