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Lenten Longings from RENEW International

Lent invites us to a time of prayer, reflection, and conversion. Based on the three-year cycle of the Lectionary, each book contains six sessions corresponding to the six weeks of Lent. Song suggestions, prayers, and action responses included.

By Catherine T. Nerney, S.S.J., Ph.D.

Lenten Longings offers a selection of resources that are well suited for seasonal groups, small Christian communities, and individual reflection.

For the Life of the World—Year B
Participants are called to commit to works of justice and to the ongoing conversion of hearts.

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Small Group Set
This Small Group Set includes the essential elements to facilitate the faith-sharing process within a small group.
Music CD
These eighteen selections help establish the prayerful atmosphere for effective faith sharing.
Free downloadable resources for parishes

(compatible with Acrobat 6 and higher)

> Customizable poster
> Customizable flyer
> Sample bulletin announcements
> How to organize a "Sign-Up Sunday"
> Sample invitational talk
> Small community sign-up card
Prayer Bookmark
Colorful two-sided card with a special Lenten prayer.
NAB New American Bible Revised Edition Catholic Hardcover
This edition contains a complete list of readings for Sunday Mass and Major Feasts of the Year, as well as a Weekday Lectionary.
Webinars for Lifting Up Our HeartsFREE Small Community Leader Training Webinar
For small community leaders who will facilitate Lenten Longings, this webinar addresses what leaders need to know to facilitate a small group using this resource.

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View our Lenten resource in Spanish - Reflexiones en Cuaresma

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