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The Word on the Go: Faith-Sharing Session for 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle A: Document Download

This is the online version of The Word on the Go for download.

Each weekly The Word on the Go downloadable session is two sided.

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The Word on the Go invites small Christian communities of young adults to focus their faith sharing on the Sunday Gospel reading. Sessions are provided in rhythm with the liturgical year, allowing participants to journey with Jesus through his life, ministry, death and resurrection.

Each session guides the participants through a sharing of the Gospel, not as a purely intellectual exercise but as a prayerful exploration of its meaning and its implications for daily life.
* After a moment of prayer and time to hear the Scripture proclaimed, the session invites the small group members to “Catch a Phrase” from the Gospel.
* A reflection on the Gospel is then offered, specifically written with the life concerns of young adults in mind.
* So that this reflection becomes a springboard for sharing, several key questions are offered.
* This then flows into “Beckoned to Action” sharing on specific actions the members feel called to undertake in the days ahead, as a consequence of their exploration of the Gospel. This commitment to action can be as individuals or as a group—or both.
* The session concludes with a prayer.

Most groups plan their faith-sharing sessions to fall in the week before the Sunday whose Gospel is the focus for their sharing, so that the Sunday liturgy becomes a celebration of what they are doing — “the fruit of human hands.”
Some prefer to share in the week following, so that they are deepening their response to the Sunday Gospel.
Both are very appropriate, since the Eucharist is “source and summit” of all that we do as Church.

All The Word on the Go resources have been approved and carry an Imprimatur from the Archbishop of Newark.