How It Works
ARISE Together in Christ provides a total renewal experience for the parish, spiritually transforming people through the proven model of small-group faith sharing. It also offers parish enrichment opportunities and encourages works of charity and justice.
Over a three-year period, there are five six-week blocks of time, each called a "Season". Each of these Seasons has a major gospel theme that is broken down into weekly themes. To ensure a successful experience, RENEW International provides comprehensive training for the ARISE Diocesan Team, ARISE Parish Teams, and parish Small Community Leaders.
FallSeason 1Encountering Christ Today
LentSeason 2Change Our Hearts
FallSeason 3 In the Footsteps of Christ
LentSeason 4 New Heart, New Spirit
FallSeason 5 We Are the Good News!

ARISE Together in Christ provides solid, engaging resources for parish leaders and participants:
        • Leadership guides and downloadable resources in English, French, and Spanish
        • Small group materials in Chinese, English, French, Haitian Creole, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese and in large print
        • Family Sharing pages and ARISE for youth resources exploring the same gospel themes.
        • Learn more about Program Resources
RENEW International provides comprehensive training for the ARISE Parish Team and parish small-group leaders before each Season. Topics include:
        • How to launch ARISE Together in Christ
        • Invitation and publicity tips
        • Basics of Catholic evangelization
        • Small-group facilitation skills
        • Overview of each Season’s theological themes