St. Helen's Theology on Tap Event Series Held in Clark, NJ
August 22, 2008

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St. Helen’s Parish in Westfield, NJ, gave young adults the opportunity to raise a glass to faith and explore some of the questions that arose when they brought their Christianity into that “real world.” Over the past three months, the church sponsored Renew International’s Theology on Tap.

Theology on Tap creates an environment in which young adults in their 20s and 30s can explore the unique ways in which faith and spirituality fit into real-world settings. A series of talks held in a bar or restaurant provide a springboard from which attendees can discuss relevant topics, faith share with each other and mingle with new people.

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August 27 “How to Become a Saint in an Hour”
Father James Martin, a famous author who has gone head-to-head with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report,” looked deeper into the saints we regard as statues or perfect people. He talked about the surprising humanity of the saints, how they teach us about finding our own paths to God and how they show us how being holy simply means being who you are.

September 10 “Making a Difference Without Saying a Word”
Allan Wright is a husband, father, teacher and author who has been bringing the Gospel to life for more than 20 years. A national speaker, Allan also volunteers by teaching the Missionaries of Charity (Contemplative), and he serves on the Archdiocesan Commission for inter-religious affairs. His latest book, “Jesus in the House,” received the 2008 Catholic Press Associations Book of the Year Award.

September 24 “Free Your Mind: Uncover Your Authentic Self”
Scotch Plains resident Jamie Novak has garnered nationwide praise for her talks on ridding one’s life of clutter. At Theology on Tap, she stepped away from cluttered closets and examine the difficulties of cluttered souls.

October 8 “Beautiful Mess”
Bill McGarvey, the editor-in-chief of, synthesizes pop culture and Christianity in unique ways. A singer/songwriter, McGarvey presented a compelling tale of personal conversion in which the arts continually drew him deeper into the mystery of God by illuminating experiences of challenge, loss, grief and love.
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Molly Maguire’s is located at 1085 Central Ave. in Clark, New Jersey.

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