The Beatitudes Rock!

By Sr. Veronica Mendez, RENEW International Pastoral Services Team

Parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix, AZ are in the third year of RENEW International's four-year program of adult faith formation and evangelization, Why Catholic? Journey through the Catechism. The Beatitudes (and Commandments) are the theme of the third section the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Why Catholic? book, Life in Christ.

Dan Farkas, a Why Catholic? small community leader in the parish of St. Germaine, Prescott Valley,explains the stones were part of two different sessions. Session Four speaks of virtues. In the book, as part of the prayer environment, leaders are encouraged to place colorful stones representing virtues on the Bible with the name of one of the virtues on each stone.

Dan also did this for Session Nine, writing the names of the Beatitudes on the stones. He tells what his small group did with them.
    "For each meeting, the pre-labeled rocks were placed in a basket and each participant was asked to take one (without looking) and then speak to the group on what that Virtue or Beatitude meant to them in their life. After the meetings, I decided to place the rocks next to our sidewalk near the front door so anyone coming to our home would see them."
Dan used this great idea to help his small group members deepen their understanding and appreciation of our belief in practicing virtues, living the Beatitudes, and keeping the Commandments.

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