Theology on Tap advocates for Countdown to Zero
RENEW's Young Adult ministry Plans Movie Tie-In

RENEW International's Theology on Tap young adult ministry is partnering with Participant Media for the upcoming film, Countdown to Zero, to be released in most markets July 30, 2010.

Countdown to Zero is a compelling documentary that details the escalating nuclear arms crisis. By tracing the history of the atomic bomb through the present dangers of nuclear crisis through terrorism, failed diplomacy, or simple accident, Countdown to Zero makes a convincing case for worldwide nuclear disarmament. More details about the movie, including release information and action steps can be found at www.takepart.com/countdowntozero.

According to Kathy Motyka of the RENEW Theology on Tap team, “Countdown to Zero is an informative and sobering look at the threat that nuclear weapons pose to our world today. This film offers compelling witness to the need for us, as Catholics, to advocate for complete disarmament throughout the globe. It is our belief that this film offers many ways to engage young adults who come together through RENEW Theology on Tap throughout the country.”

Nuclear disarmament and working for a more peaceful world is a key component of Catholic Social Teaching. As Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed at the U. N. Conference on Nonproliferation in May of 2010, “Peace, in fact, rests on trust and on respect for promises made, not only on the balance of power. In this spirit I encourage the initiatives that seek progressive disarmament and areas free of nuclear weapons, with a view to their complete elimination from the planet.”

The RENEW Theology on Tap team encourages local groups organized through parishes and dioceses across the country to invite young adults to view the movie, come together for a discussion about this compelling film, and take steps as local groups to work to be advocates for a more peaceful world. Helpful and relevant spiritual resources are available to download at the group’s website, www.theologyontap.com.

RENEW Theology on Tap is working in collaboration with Different Drummer, a social marketing, media and mobilization company, and film distributor, Participant Media. Different Drummer’s staff was instrumental in creating the groundswell of interest for the independent hit, Bella, as well as other socially-conscious media.