Through the Lens Comes a Turning Point

Douglas Hutchings, the manager for our Turning Points video series, admits that “at first, it was just a job.” However, he says, as he and his video crew travelled the country to videotape personal stories of faith, the experience became much more.

As one person after another faced the cameras to share how he or she had been transformed by faith, Doug and the team began listening more attentively and even internalizing the message.

As Douglas interviewed the subjects of the videos, delving into the circumstances of their life stories and hearing how the Holy Spirit had been at work, he felt moved by their courageous witness. It turned out that his crew, Eric Jensen and Matt Blair working the cameras, and Brandon Morrison recording the audio, were paying attention as well.

The Turning Points film crew, from left to right, Eric Jensen, Matt Blair, Douglas Hutchinson, and Brad Morrison.

“We would get in the car after a day of filming and would all start talking about how inspired we felt by the stories,” Douglas said. “We were friends before, and at different points in our own understanding of faith, but these conversations have really taken our friendship to another level.”

Douglas says he now sees his work on the RENEW project as a true evangelizing ministry on his part. “God works in everyone’s life,” he says, “and I am grateful that I am able to share that message with everyone.”

Turning Points: Witness Stories for the New Evangelization can be found online at www.youtube.com/turningpointsstories and in Spanish at www.youtube.com/cambiosderumbos

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