St. Boniface Parishes Prepare to Launch ARISE / DEBOUT

Parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Boniface (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) are preparing to begin the ARISE Together in Christ / DEBOUT Ensemble dans le Christ program. On September 30, 2012, an archdiocesan launch will gather members of over 50 churches at the Basilique-Cathédrale to celebrate the beginning of the process with a Liturgy of the Word followed by a barbecue.

The theme of the gathering is “From light unto light unto light”. Parishes will receive a special ARISE / DEBOUT candle lit from the paschal candle. Then, during the parish launches, each small group will receive a community candle lit from the parish candle. Community candles will be used at all the community meetings.

ARISE Together in Christ
The ARISE / DEBOUT Team at Christ Our Saviour (Steinbach) welcomed Parish Teams and Small Community Leaders gathered for the Season I:
Encountering Christ Today training workshop.
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St. Joachim Parish (La Broquerie) launches DEBOUT.
Photo: Team Members with RENEW's
Sister Marie Cooper, SJC (standing, right).

At St. Joachim, the Parish Team called on a gifted member to create a sign to let all passers-by know that they are participating in the DEBOUT process. ARISE and DEBOUT signs are dotting the Manitoban landscape to publicize and celebrate this evangelization effort.

Submitted by Sr. Marie Cooper, Pastoral Services Team

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