Small Communities Offer a Path
to 'Renewing the Priestly Heart'

Sister Terry Rickard OP, RENEW International’s president and executive director, gave the Keynote Address at the recent convention of the National Federation of Priests’ Councils (NFPC) on April 24,2013 in Reno, Nevada.

Renewing the Priestly HeartHer talk centered on how the spiritual renewal of parish priests can ultimately lead to greater zeal for the New Evangelization among the entire parish community. Catholic priests today are being called daily to serve others with little opportunity to reflect upon their own vocation and spiritual well-being. How can a priest find the time and means to renew his own heart and spirit? Through candid conversations with fellow priests on important matters of faith and priesthood with prayer and scripture at the center. Sister Terry also delivered two workshops which specifically addressed the benefits of fostering priest small groups for this renewal process as well as highlighting RENEW International’s Renewing the Priestly Heart as a recommended approach to support these groups.

Read her interview with the National Catholic Reporter.

For more information about priest renewal visit www.renewintl.org/priestlyheart.

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