Praise for New Why Catholic? Book 

Parishioners in the diocese of Reno had an opportunity to use the new Revised Edition of Why Catholic? Profession of Faith, and the reviews have been outstanding. This revised version was introduced in 2009 to provide a richer experience of the key tenets of the Catholic faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed. Participants appreciated the benefits from the fuller use of Scripture and the Catechism in their sharing. Numerous participants indicated that as a result of the new book, they are much more likely to read these important sources for Catholic faith on their own in addition to doing so in their small community gatherings. 

Jane Moon of Fallon, NV commented, “As a group, we committed to reading the Acts of the Apostles as a result of Session Nine. Being reconnected with this part of the Holy Scripture has truly reinvigorated my faith based on the apostles’ belief in Christ Jesus and that they were capable of such good deeds.” 

People reported changes in attitude and deepening of their faith. One said “It has made a difference in my knowledge, relationships and becoming more generous in time, talent and treasure. Another remarked that “prayer time is more intimate and has increased how Scripture speaks to me.”

Small community Leader Bernadette Nelson summed up the experience: “By studying and sharing the Catechism in community, my growth in faith was expanded by the questions and sharing in the group. The Living the Good News action response holds me accountable for bringing my faith into a world that needs Christ’s love lived out for the good of others.”  

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