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Media Center Pick of the Week: Why Catholic?

by Dan Hardester

Tomás Evans, director of Hispanic Ministries, and I have been accompanying Dominican Sisters Marenid Fabre and Pat Thomas to various host parishes around the diocese this week for the Why Catholic? Program Small Community Leader workshops. The sisters introduced the session themes from the Profession of Faith text and returning leaders shared their facilitation experiences from the initial Christian Prayer year. Group facilitation is a challenging role as leaders guide members toward the goal of faith sharing. As Catholic Christians, we serve one another through our witness to the Gospel. As a secular Franciscan, the Rule of Life encourages me to go “from Gospel to life and life to the Gospel.” The fruit of this dialogue between faith and life forms the basis of Christian witness.

During the workshop, Sr. Pat reminded participants that “my faith is my experience of God. People say they don’t know church teachings. Oftentimes, they know doctrine; but they haven’t consistently related these teachings to their daily lives.”

Small communities provide the fellowship to help us witness to our dear Lord’s presence within our joys and struggles.

During this second year of the program, we look forward to sharing the foundational teachings of Catholic Christianity and living the Good News. During the workshops, each parish will receive a promotional DVD for the Why Catholic? Program. Produced by the Diocesan Office of Communications, the DVD features a three and one half minute segment in both English and Spanish.

The video has also been posted on the diocesan website: click here. [ver el video en español]

For assistance with the Why Catholic? Program and requests for DVD content for small communities, please call Dan Hardester or Diane Gallagher at 407-246-4895 (or 4897) or check out the Media Center webpage @ click here.

Dan Hardester is the Diocesan Director of the Media Center and Secretary for Evangelization.

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