Fort Worth Parishes Unite At Why Catholic?
Justice Workshop

On September 24. at the Catholic Center in the Diocese of Ft. Worth, TX, participants gathered for a Faith Enrichment Workshop entitled “Why Catholics Work for Justice?” This workshop is given in the third year of the four-year diocese-wide RENEW International program, Why Catholic? Based on the four pillars of the Catechism,year three is entitled “LIVE: Christian Morality.” The participants engaged in a lively discussion about the seven principles of Catholic social teaching and then worked in groups to put their gospel faith and understanding of Church teaching into action. Each group created an action plan to address an issue of concern in their parish community. They balanced their response with equal emphasis on charitable works and social justice with the understanding that both forms of action are necessary to bring about transformative change in society.

Why Catholic? Fort WorthThe group in the photo represented three parishes, two small parishes in the outlying area of the diocese (Holy Rosary, Cisco and St. Rita, Ranger) and one large parish (St. Stephen in Weatherford), located closer to the Catholic Center in Ft. Worth. The group addressed the issue of the lack of communication among parishes in the diocese, with many different lifestyles and needs. The immediate charitable work they decided upon is to bring the youth of the central parish out to the smaller parishes to provide assistance with a variety of tasks for which the smaller parishes do not have adequate capacity. Donna and John Sweeney, from St. Stephen shared that their youth group usually goes to Mexico to work on projects with the poor but can no longer go to due to safety concerns. They now realized that the youth group can participate in “mission” work right in their own diocese! The plan to continue discussion on improving communication among parishes. A beautiful moment of unity was shared as all participants came to a deeper understanding of what it means to be members of the One Body of Christ.

Ross and Jan Rener of Holy Rosary, Cisco, TX; Donna and John Sweeney of St. Stephen in Weatherford; and Martha Pigeon (back to camera) of St. Rita, Ranger.

Submitted by Dr. Laura Kolmar, Director of Pastoral Services

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