Archbishop Kurtz Sees Why Catholic?
as a Tool of the New Evangelization

Bishops return to the Holy See every five years for an ad limina visit to the pope and various officials. The United States bishops begin their most recent series of visits in November 2011.

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville and others from the Southeast began their visit on January 23, 2012. Archbishop Kurtz has been journaling the trip and had this to say in regard to RENEW International's Why Catholic? program:

    "Of special interest was the discussion with Archbishop Fisichella, president of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, who was very impressive in his call for a solid foundation for the new evangelization as we prepare for the synod this October. Our Why Catholic? process seems to fit precisely the direction he presented, which focused on a personal identity as Catholics grounded in solid teaching. Then he addressed the importance of belonging to the church community. The conversion experience of meeting Christ in and through His church is basic to the structured small groups that form the core of the Why Catholic? process. Learning and belonging are required first steps if we are to witness Christ in our lives."

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