Anglican Churches in Port Elizabeth Launch RENEW Africa

Seven Anglican churches in the Port Elizabeth area launched Season One of RENEW Africa:Gathered as God’s Family with a parish mission.

Rev. Leon Foster and Rev. Carol Meyer planning the mission for St. Margaret Church at the Mission Team Workshop.
The churches held Prayer Commitment Sunday in September. Reverend and Mrs. Ruthel Johnson of St. Paul Church stand next to the parish Prayer Commitment banner. Church members who committed to pray for the success of small Christian communities signed the acacia thorn tree and placed it on the map of Africa.

RENEW Africa: Gathered as God’s Family is a totally new RENEW process based in Africa, created by Africans, and responding to the needs and issues of the church of Africa. From the young artist who created the RENEW Africa logo to the program writers, this program is rooted and grounded in the African soil. During the five seasons of RENEW Africa, small Christian communities will use newly created thematic materials which respond to the African reality today. Both the lectionary based and thematic materials are provided in the languages of Xhosa, Afrikaans, and English.